Arteta satisfied with substitute players – young stars Great

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Arteta satisfied with substitute players – young stars Great form in a warm-up game in Dubai.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta speaks after beating Lyon 3-0 in the Dubai Super Cup 2022 friendly. 

Led a squad of 27 players. Who were exclud from the World Cup. And young players come to play in this game. And won 3-0 with three goals from Gabriel, Eddie Encathia and Fabio Vieira. With a penalty shoot-out match at the end of the game. An additional point was award to the winner. With Arsenal winning 2-1 on penalties.

“From the beginning of the game creative works And the quality that comes out is quite good. But I’m not surprise. Because all of rehearsing until yesterday. I am very happy. We play to win. When we go on the field we can do it. And play very well together.”

“We play with players whose physicality is not the same. And they had just gone through a break before. But when they returned to training they did well. And I believe they will be ready for the first game of the Premier League on Boxing Day. I’m quite happy to see young players getting the chance to play. Some of the young players had a chance to score goals in this game. But what I’m very satisfie with giving them a chance is to see. Them play together and do their job well.”

“For players coming back from the World Cup. We will definitely assess their physical and mental condition first. Some players still disappoint with result the World Cup. Our job is to try to bring them back into the team. To catch rhythm and work the way. They did before as quickly as possible.”

Arsenal return to action for their first Premier League game on 26 December 2022 against West Ham United.