Chelsea in the process of renovating Stamford Bridge

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Chelsea in the process of renovating Stamford Bridge to increase the capacity of the stadium to match the top teams.

Chelsea prepare to move forward with a major renovation of their own home ground, Stamford Bridge. To increase the stadium’s capacity to 60,000 seats. It is expected to be ready for full operation in 2023. 

First opened in 1877, Stamford Bridge has undergone two major renovations. The last time it took place was in 1998. The stadium currently holds about 40,300 spectators and is one of the clubs in central London. Which are positioned around people’s houses Including hotel accommodation This stadium has been talked about improving the home field many times. Including the possibility of moving the field to live in Earl Court 

The club’s new owner, Todd Bohly, has confirmed that the club are planning to upgrade their home ground to a larger size. By wanting to increase the capacity of the stadium to 60,000 seats. So that the capacity of the stadium is comparable to the top clubs in the Premier League. With the stadium improvements expected to begin by 2023 onwards.

“The club’s new owners commit to renovating their new home ground. So it will a talk about event planning. and prepare many parts in this regard. Because we are looking at a major improvement of the stadium. The work plan will begin next year. And we hope the federal government backs us up in this regard to keep things moving. We will try to process and act as quickly as we can. It’s a very big job for us. And everything has only just begun.”