Open the mind of Big Boss Man United “Ronaldo never told me

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Open the mind of Big Boss Man United “Ronaldo never told me. That he wanted to move the team”

Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag insists Cristiano Ronaldo has never spoken to him. Before about wanting to leave the club. Before the interview became a hot topic throughout the football world. and later became the termination of the contract

The 37-year-old striker has become a free agent following the termination of his contract with the club. From the case that he gave an interview to attack the club. Including the Eric Ten Hag, the head of the team. He said he felt betrayed by the Dutch boss.

“Until then [In the interview] he had never spoken to me before that he wanted to leave,” Ten Hag told British media. reported by the UFABET 

“I saw a lot about football. I just have to do it, it’s my job. The occurrence of such an interview came out. I think as a club it’s unacceptable. As he chose to do so, he knew very well that I would follow. But before that, he had never spoken about transfers. never said “I want to leave the team” with me.”

In July 2022, Ronaldo said he had spoken to Erik ten Hag that he might choose to leave in the August transfer market. After he was allow more days off in the wake of the loss of his son. And wants to spend time with his wife and children during difficult times, which Ten Hag admitted that there were real talks.

“In the summer we actually had a conversation about this. he said to me He will come and tell me within 7 days if he wants to stay with the team. After that he came back and told me that he would stay. And until the interview was release. I had never heard of such things before.”

Ten Hag on his first season outside the Netherlands His hometown is consider to in a relatively good stage of adjustment. He has the full support of Manchester United, including a team that has invested hundreds of millions of pounds. with the players. He has chosen himself Including the performance of the team that is doing well. Before entering the final World Cup, in contrast to Ronaldo. Who dropped out as a substitute for the team. 

And showed unprofessional behavior, like walking off the field before the game ended And of course, with the interview that led to the separation, with Ten Hag used Ronaldo in all 16 games, scoring 3 goals, with only four of which he started in the Premier League. However, Ten Hag confirmed that He wants Ronaldo to stay with the team. To the point that If a new contract is offered to the players, he has no objection. But when the interviewed players come out like that The club had to make a decisive decision. 

“I love working with world-class players. I know they can make a difference. and help you to reach your team’s goals. Of course I want him to stay with our team until the interview. I’m sure I did everything to keep him in the team. Because I know the value of his quality. We want him to be part of the roadmap. He’s a great player. 

And there are many good stories to share with the team. Of course I have no problem. (If the team offers Ronaldo a new contract) He scored 24 goals last season, so what does our team need? we need a door But now everything has passed. He has left the team. It’s already a thing of the past. I don’t want to say anything more about this. We want to talk about the new future that awaits us. The future of Manchester United and he doesn’t want to involved in it.

“All my responsibilities from now on are for the club. They are what I have to look at and take responsibility for. and make decisions regardless of who they are The performance of the team that we show now It tells everything. I believe our work confirms that we are on the right track.”

Ten Hag has managed Manchester United in all competitions for 21 games, winning 14, drawing 2 and losing 5, with them ranked fifth in the Premier League, just 3 points behind the Champions League rankings, but playing few games. more than one game And still on the path of every football cup this season